sábado, 23 de marzo de 2013

Drawing the Kvetching Editor

"Just Call me Chaviva" (or "The Kvetching Editor") Is my favorite Jewish Blog, I think that I don't have to explain Why I love it, Just in case, I love it because she writes about interesting topics related to Jewish world (Recently, she began to write about Israel) , specially about the life of a Jewish convert that has to overcome her troubles, while she is enjoying the good things of life too.

I'm not pretending to be an Orthodox convert, but I think that Chaviva is one of the most Inspirational people I've ever seen in the Jewish Blogosphere, Everything she writes reminds me that  the Jewish path is not easy, but In spite of everything It's worth it.

"בואו לאכול לחם ללא גלוטן" means (lit.) "Come eat gluten-free Bread" or "Let's eat Gluten-free Bread" (This Is what I wanted to write in hebrew!), My Hebrew Grammar is still weird (as my english grammar xD), I'm so sorry :(


Note: I used different colors

Chavi Without Background:

Please, Visit  Chavi's Blog: www.Kvetchingeditor.com, or Follow her in twitter!: @TheChaviva

!חג פסח שמח

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  1. Wow! This is beautiful :) Todah rabah, a million times. Your kind words are what make blogging worth it for me.

    חג שמח!!